Video Software we use: Ad-free videos. This memorial is private (only visible to me). Sehen Sie sich das Profil von Furrer Reinhard auf LinkedIn an. Juni sendete das Schweizer Radio DRS 2 ein Hörspiel mit dem deutschen Astronauten Reinhard Furrer, DD6CF(†). • 1987: Reinhard-Furrer-Award der Deutschen Agentur für Raumfahrt • 1989: International Academy of Astronautics • 1986: Association of Space Explorers (Executive Committee 1989 - 1992) • 2001: Officier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques • 2003: Deutsche Akademie für Naturforscher Leopoldina (Supervisors: PD Dr. Ben Spycher, Prof. Reinhard Furrer) Gonzalez Jaramillo, Valentina End-of-life decisions in patients with heart failure (Supervisors: Prof. Steffen Eychmüller, PD Dr. Lukas Hunziker) Grisotto, Giorgia Cardiometabolic Health in Women: The Role of Diet (Supervisors: Prof. Oscar Franco, Dr. Taulant Muka) Hamza, Tasnim Modification and shut down of the service. In the case of termination of the service, is entitled but not obliged to delete all contents created by the users. November 2013 Our managing director Reinhard Furrer is talking at the "Lunchveranstaltungen" within the IT continuing education fall semester program which focus on the international year of statistics. is on no account liable for damages and subsequent damages in any way in connection with the access, usage or retrieval of the website and in connection with the information published on the website. Literatur. : +41 (0)44 63 55843 Büro: Y27J34 Managing Director Dr. Ernst Messerschmid, DG2KM Das Bestehen der Amateurfunkprüfung is entitled to modify the service provided. The copyright for the contributions remains with the respective user. PUBLICATIONS: Published about 50 papers in international journals and international conferences. Swiss Law is applicable for the contractual relationship between and the user. Pfistergasse 20 6000 Luzern 7. Prof. Dr. Reinhard Alfred Furrer (25 November 1940 – 9 September 1995) was a German physicist and astronaut. During 24 hours at least one or at the most 5 candles burn per memorial, memorial page or gravesite. Move the cursor over the word to view the explanation. reserves the right to modify and delete contents at any time and without explanation and prior notice. Der VDSt Berlin fungierte als eine Art Vermittlungsstelle für Fluchthelfer in Berlin. Reinhard Furrer University of Zurich Department of Mathematics and Department of Computational Science Winterthurerstrasse 190 CH-8057 Zurich E-mail: reinhard. Termination and deletion of the registration. The following General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply for the usage of and the relationship between the user and provider.The usage of is only permitted if the user accepts these GTC as well as the user conditions. In 1974 he became assistant professor in Stuttgart and in 1979 qualified for full professorship. 3 Part 1 Basics. Group leader in the research project "Hyperfine Interaction" (SFB 161). publications. Reinhard Furrer : biography November 25, 1940 – August 13, 2006 Prof. Dr. Reinhard Alfred Furrer (November 25, 1940 – September 9, 1995) was a German physicist and astronaut. 1974 erwarb er seine Pilotenlizenz und unternahm anschließend viele Flugtouren mit einmotorigen Sportflugzeugen. The providers of are neither liable for the content of these websites, nor do they support or confirm contents published on external websites or on therein linked addresses. Here the scientist filming the show "Einstein". Prof. Dr. Reinhard Alfred Furrer (November 25, 1940 – September 9, 1995) was a German physicist and astronaut. Reinhard Furrer, UZH I-Math, 12. Dezember 2012 (mit Hörprobe). Name Affiliation Phone E-Mail MNF Faculty member; Prof. Dr. Georg Bauer: UZH-EBPI +41 44 634 46 38: no: Prof. Dr. Holger Dressel. Here the … By publication of a contribution on the platform, the user entitles to keep the contribution always available on their website and, if not explicitly labelled as private, make it accessible to the public. Prof. Dr. Reinhard Furrer. Dort machte Furrer sein Abitur an der naturwissenschaftlichen Oberrealschule Kempten. In 1981 chosen as astronaut for a German-sponsored Spacelab mission. Furrer was born in Wörgl, Austria. Courses offered. EXPERIENCE: Research Associate at the Institute of Atomic and Solid State Physics In seiner Freizeit war Furrer ein begeisterter Sportflieger. Department of Mathematics. NAME: Prof. Dr. Reinhard Furrer DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: November 25, 1940 in Woergl, Austria MARITAL STATUS: Single EDUCATION:Realgymnasim (High School) in Kempten. It is possible to create either a memorial page open to the public or a private one protected by password.The platform offers the possibility to either mark the actual location of a deceased person or animal on a map of the world or to pick a fictional place. Julide Tanriverdi: Reinhard Furrer – Das Summen des Universums, ISBN 3-548-35632-X By registering with, the user accepts the GTC and user conditions at the same time. University of Zurich URPP Global Change and ... Reinhard Furrer, Prof. Dr. Project leader and member of the Steering Committee. via spam emails, the provider reserves the right for legal action. A lit candle burns for a maximum of 24 hours and can be lit in any desired memorial, memorial page or in any gravesite. S. 351–353. Informatik (für Fragen von Studierenden der MNF) Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller Tel. The concept of an Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) for single observations is straightforward and quite intuitive from a statistical or geometrical point of view. Messerschmid and Ockels lifted off together with Furrer … Any reproduction, processing, distribution, storage and any usage outside the limits of copyright law requires prior written consent by the respective copyright holder. After the end of World War II, his father was expelled from Austria. As a consequence, cannot assume any liability neither for confidentially and integrity of the data transmitted via the website nor for the continuous and unlimited availability of the contents. Nach Ende des offiziellen Programms wollte er am Rundflug mit einer historischen Messerschmitt Bf 108 teilnehmen. The collection of personal data requires prior consent of the webpage user. vierter Deutscher zusammen mit Reinhard Furrer ins All. The removal and blockage of third party contents will immediately be carried out following the uncovering of a concrete legal infringement. Institut für Mathematik & Computational Science Universität Zürich Winterthurerstrasse 190 CH-8057 Zürich E-Mail: Tel. The family found a new home in Kempten im Allgäu, Bavaria. UZH-EBPI Am 9. EDUCATION: Realgymnasium at Kempten, Allgau. Regular visits to the grave may be impeded or made entirely impossible by long distances or offers a corresponding alternative by providing the possibility to set up a virtual memorial which can be designed personally and individually. A refund cannot be claimed. STS-61A was the West German D-1 Spacelab mission. Breadcrumb. Reinhard Furrer, German physicist. 1975: Born in Strasbourg, France. Switzerland, The candle is the virtual currency of In case of the violation of the user’s obligations, is entitled to delete the corresponding contributions and to deactivate the user’s access. - Furrer (1940-1995) verunglückte 1995 auf einem Flugtag tödlich. Arbeitsfelder: Angewandte Statistik. We would like to thank Prof. Reinhard Furrer for his help in the development of the R package ‘abn’, for the valuable discussions about the methodology, and for facilitating the cooperation between SLU and UZH. SPACE FLIGHT EXPERIENCE: Dr. Furrer flew as a payload specialist on the crew of STS-61A Challenger (October 30 to November 6, 1985). IT (for inquiries from Faculty of Science students) Prof. Burkhard Stiller Phone +41 44635 67 10 More. All published contents, pictures and provided information on this website are subject to copyright. All published contributions will be lost without entitlement of compensations. Irene was born on August 22 1924, in 3922 Eisten. 1991-03-01 Berlin, Germany Photo size: Reinhard Furrer. References (51) J.L.T. Further utilization for private usage is permitted with full acknowledgement of the source. In accordance with these GTC and the user conditions, allows the user to publish contributions on the designed memorials, memorial pages and graves. 1972, wurde per 1. 1974, Sabbatical at the University of Stuttgart. 1974 erwarb er seine Pilotenlizenz und unternahm anschließend viele Flugtouren mit einmotorigen Sportflugzeugen. 1983 be­gann er sei­ne Aus­bil­dung zum Wis­sen­schaft­sa­stro­nau­ten ge­mein­sam mit Ulf Mer­bold, Ernst Mes­ser­schmid und dem Nie­der­län­der Wub­bo Ockels. Diploma in Physics after studying at universities in Kiel and Berlin in 1969. Prof. Dr. Reinhard Furrer, geb. It was the first to carry eight crew members, the largest to fly in space, and was also the first in which payload activities were controlled from outside the United States. What do the candles offer on Ernst Messerschmid gehörte von 1982 bis 1986 dem ehemaligen deutschen Astronautenteam an. This is the only version available from NASA. Official NASA Biography as of June 2016:Reinhard Furrer (Ph.D.) Payload Specialist (Deceased). Prof. Dr. Reinhard Furrer Institut für Mathematik Winterthurerstrasse 190 CH-8057 Zürich E-Mail: reinhard.furrer(at) Tel. Copyrights of third parties are reserved. Dafür war es erforderlich, weitere Kandidaten auszuwählen. The loss of someone close or a beloved animal by death always results in pain and grief.People visit symbolic places to come to terms with grief and loss. The user is liable for any loss suffered due to the breach of duties and is obliged to compensate the provider. As service provider, the provider of this website is responsible for its own contents and for information provided on these websites in accordance with general law. Prof. Reinhard Furrer presented them with a souvenir gift from the Program including some nice chocolates. Recipient Science medal Netherland Academy of Sciences, 1985, Great Service Cross, Bundes President Germany, Bonn, 1985, Space Flight medal National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Houston, 1986. Where can the candles be found in Received a diploma in physics in 1969, and a doctor of philosophy degree in physics in 1972. Prof. Dr. Reinhard Alfred Furrer (25 November 1940 – 9 September 1995) was a German physicist and astronaut. Servan L. Grüninger. Manned eight crew. The user of acknowledges that the information published on this website is only valid under Swiss Jurisdiction. In particular, the user is not entitled to continuous availability of the service. Prof. Reinhard Furrer presented them with a souvenir gift from the Program including some nice chocolates. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH: Atomic Physics (highly ionised noble gases), solid-state Physics (ionic single crystals and organic crystals). The legally binding language of the website is German. 2. However, the provider is not obliged to monitor submitted and stored information from third parties. Biostatistician & Computational Scientist. The applicability to other countries is neither intended nor guaranteed. Auch danach blieb er der Raumfahrtforschung treu. Reinhard Furrer Place of origin Eisten, VS, Switzerland; born on 04.10.1972 Married, three children, born 2006, 2007 and 2010. Click on the map where ever you want! nat. Development and conception of space experiments. - - Prof. Dr. Reinhard Furrer, Jahrgang 1940, studierte Physik in Kiel und Berlin. A virtual memorial for deceased people can be set up by a straightforward registration process on Reinhard Furrer The picture shows Prof. Dr. Reinhard Furrer at the Berlin Space Research Institute, who was an astronaut at the D1 mission in 1985. Information on access (date, time, location, accessed pages) can be saved on the server following a visit to After his spaceflight he became a professor in 1987 as well as the Director of the Institute of Space Sciences at the Free University of Berlin. 1979 habilitierte er sich auf dem Fachgebiet Experimentalphysik. Band I: Politiker, Teilband 7: Supplement A–K, Winter, Heidelberg 2013, ISBN 978-3-8253-6050-4. Nach dem Abitur an der Oberrealschule Kempten/Allgäu (1960) studierte er in Kiel und Berlin ab 1962 Physik. Flew on October 30 - November 6, 1985, as a member of the astronaut crew of the German Spacelab Mission D1. Practical research in the following fields: Atomic physics (highly ionized noble gasses), solid-state physics (single crystals of inorganic and organic materials), chemical physics and photophysics (solid-state photoreactions, photosynthesis), and biophysics (structural analysis of enzymes). Course overview and availability Total time in space: 7.03 days. Home Main navigation Search Jump to content. is entitled to shut down the service following an announcement period of 2 weeks. Exclusion of liability for linked webpages. He spent time during 1980-1981 at the University of Chicago and during 1981 at the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago, USA. Director. Heerkens et al. Januar 1985 bei der OPD Münster. 1979 habilitierte er sich auf dem Fachgebiet Experimentalphysik. This website contains so-called “external links” (links to other websites) on which contents does not exert any influence. Am 9. Prof. Reinhard Furrer. Team Leader: Prof. Reinhard Furrer. The list below includes the heads of all participating groups. The family found a new home in Kempten im Allgäu, Bavaria. The primary significance of candles is that you can light them. Prof. Dr. Michael Böhlen. In 1977 Furrer applied for selection as an astronaut for the first Spacelab mission. 2014 Introduction to R. Contents 2 I Basics I Data handling and storing I Plotting I Linear models I Simple programming tricks. Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra (2014-2019) Klaus Hänsch, President of the European Parliament (1994–1997) September 1995 bei einem Flugzeugabsturz während einer Flugshow auf dem Flugplatz Johannisthal in Berlin, bei der er Ehrengast war. Memorial sites, memorial pages as well as graves can be designed in accordance with creeds, religious confessions and personal ideas. STS-61A was the West German D-1 Spacelab mission. Doctorate in Physics, Free University of Berlin, 1972. beiden Astronauten Professor Dr. Reinhard Furrer und Dr. Ernst Messerschmid am 28. Reinhard had 7 siblings: Elmar Furrer, Adelbert Furrer and 5 other siblings. After registration with, a page in the ‘profile’ of the respective user can be opened where the candles can be purchased. Administrative questions: Reinhard Furrer. It offers the creation of a lasting memorial site and place of remembrance for family, friends, acquaintances, the general public as well as for owners of animals. From 1987 also Director of the Berlin Space Institute (WIB Weltraum-Institut Berlin GmbH) and SpaceTech GmbH. +41 44635 67 10 In the case of undesired sending of advertisement, e.g. In the case of direct and indirect damages which are either due to the usage of information and materials from this website, or due to the access of links on other websites, cannot in any case be held liable.
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