It shows how others may see you and/or how you use your energies and/or behaviours under mild … Insights Discovery is all about helping individuals understand themselves and others so they can appreciate and value different approaches. When communication is consistently clear and respectful, when managers know how to motivate their people, when salespeople beat their targets by understanding how to relate to their customers, and when everyone on the team is working towards the same goals, you'll realize the measurable impact that investing in people development can bring. Action (Coaching Opportunity) As before, focus your action plan on the most important areas for maximum effect. It's based on the personality theory of psychologist, William Marston. Es untersucht, was wir tun, wie wir etwas tun und warum wir es tun. To help you find your way and discover your full potential we use the Insights Discovery System. The two phrases at the bottom of this page will indicate your main ‘8 type’ segment along with your secondary or influencing type. (Video) 4. U kunt beter uw neefje van 6 inschakelen. DISC TEST ONLINE. The following information is designed to help you understand the contents of the Insights Discovery profile and use it to its maximum potential. As such, we use the name of your adjacent 8 Type as an adjective describing that segment’s influence on your main type, for example an ‘observing coordinator’ or a ‘motivating inspirier’. when consciously trying to use our less-preferred colour energies. And you’ll learn a lot about yourself at the same time. Once the workshop or coaching session is over, we're not content to just leave it there - and neither should you be. Sehr vielsagend ist auch die Expertenbeurteilung der Insights Discovery Ergebnisse mit dem Satz: „Die blumigen Formulierungen täuschen über Inhaltsleere hinweg“. Nutzen von Persönlichkeitstests für das Berufs- und Privatleben 5. It is possible for a person in any position on the wheel to do this competently. Strengths, weaknesses and value to the team, Management - how you like to manage and be managed. Notice how many colour energies reach above the mid-point line marked ‘3’. Another benefit of the Insights Discovery test is that it shows a view of the more instinctive you. Rest assured they are both there – one is under the other. Was ist ein Persönlichkeitstest und warum sollte er eigentlich nicht so heißen? Action (Coaching Opportunity) Ein Persönlichkeitstest ist ein psychologisches Testverfahren zur Erfassung von dispositionellen Persönlichkeitseigenschaften. Written with development in mind, this section can provide you with some areas for improvement. Insights Discovery ist ein Instrument zur Persönlichkeitsentwicklung von Einzelnen, zur Optimierung von Teams oder zur Entwicklung von Unternehmen. If the overall preference flow percentage figure is relatively high (above 40%), are you highly motivated, or a little stressed? The darker spot shows the position of your ‘conscious persona’. Another benefit of the Insights Discovery test is that it shows a view of the more instinctive you. If there is a negative ‘effort’ in one or more colour energy, why do you believe such behaviours are LESS required in your more conscious daily role? Is a great coaching tool  – when using it in this way, it can be a good idea to ask for feedback from people who are very different from you. At the very start of the self-awareness journey is Insights Discovery. Insights MDI. Used in conjunction with our teamwork programs, Insights Discovery tackles collaboration, communication and working relationships. It can be a good idea to use the following question: ‘If I focused on improving over the next 6 months, which of these areas would have the most impact on me/the team/the business?’. INSIGHTS MDI® ist ein ganzheitliches Diagnostikinstrument zur Talenterkennung und Potenzialentwicklung. The real breakthrough will happen in your business when the lessons of Insights Discovery are applied back in the real world. The “You” when you know you are being observed – the mask you wear. The number of your position is neither psychologically nor empirically relevant. Individuals understand their own and others’ communication preferences, They can connect better with their colleagues to improve collaboration, They have a common language to help them overcome challenges and conflict. DISCOVER YOUR PERSONALITY. DISC INSIGHTS. Das beim Insights nach Auswertung die Antworten von Teilnehmern uminterpretiert werden, ist ethisch nicht verantwortbar. From an outside perspective, we appear genuine and accomplished using our preferred energies – and perhaps less ‘professional’ or even immature Action (Coaching Opportunity) INSIGHTS MDI® ist ein Analyseinstrument, das menschliche Verhaltens- und Wertepräferenzen umfassend analysiert und erklärt. Unternehmen stellen so die Rekrutierung und das Talentmanagement … Share this with relevant parties. Action (Coaching Opportunity) Uncovering your Insights Discovery Wheel position is another main benefit of the system. 1. Urteilen. In a virtual environment, knowing more about your colleagues and how they prefer to work can help you move beyond … Welcome! Insights Discovery ist das Herzstück unserer Arbeit. If the list does not actually reflect the value they see in you, ask them what it is. Die is een stuk goedkoper en minstens zo effectief. Share this with your boss, highlighting the most important aspects (include others if they are not on this list). Insights Discovery is a simple and accessible four colour model that helps us to understand ourselves and others. It shows how others may see you and/or how you use your energies and/or behaviours under mild to medium stress. Harder to read than many, such people are often genuinely creative (arts, music etc) or/and may be experiencing (or have just experienced) a great change in their lives. Online Questionary You have two indicator ‘spots’ – these may be in the same position on the Insights Discovery wheel; thus it looks like you only have one. We work with this wheel when plotting groups or teams. Leistungstests erfassen im Unterschied dazu die kognitive Leistungsfähigkeit als \"maximales\" bzw. Unter dem folgenden Link können Sie – nach Absprache mit der bfs consulting gmbh – den Insights Discovery Fragebogen Online ausfüllen. Die FIP Ratio: Ein nicht ganz ernst gemeinter Blick auf Persönlichkeitstests (Video) 3. The Insights Discovery tools can increase personal awareness, improve team effectiveness, strengthen internal and external relationships and improve communication. Action (Coaching Opportunity) Our Insights Discovery product is suitable for all levels and gives learners the foundation of self-awareness they’ll need to be successful at whatever they do; whether that’s developing themselves, working as part of an effective team, or leading others with authenticity. The language of color spreads quickly throughout organizations - it's memorable, simple to understand and means that the learning isn't forgotten once people are back on the day job. Insights Discovery, DISC, Management Drives en MBTI zijn notoire voorbeelden van buitengewoon belabberde persoonlijkheidstesten: er is een totaal gebrek aan wetenschappelijk bewijs van hun claims. Remember, though, to consider ‘who’ your boss is in terms of colour energies, as improving a relationship is a two-way journey. Who is this?! Action (Coaching Opportunity) All Rights Reserved. Underline these parts and ask for honest feedback from anyone you feel knows you well, both inside and outside work. There is a phrase for your conscious and less conscious positions (which may be identical). (For example, if your dominant preferred energies are Red and Blue, ask for feedback from someone who you know (or feel) has dominant Green and Yellow energies). It’s just the ‘name’ of the space. insights discovery kritik. By applying the four color model to a variety of business challenges, we focus on your most important asset - your people. What might need to change? Verbunden mit der Auswertung der Ergebnisse erhalten Sie ein telefonisches Coaching, das Ihnen dabei hilft, Ihre persönlichen Stärken zu erkennen und berufliche Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten zu gestalten (insights discovery ®). Insights Discovery aims to help everyone better understand themselves and others. So, pick your top 2 from each page, share them and, just as importantly, listen carefully to what’s right for others. Action (Coaching Opportunity) Bitte beachten Sie die Anweisungen und die technischen Voraussetzungen. © The Insights Group Limited, 2020. People are motivated by different factors. It measures your unique preferences based on your responses to a short on-line evaluator, which takes just 12-15 minutes to complete. Caution – interpret with care! Insights Discovery is an easy to use, fun and effective internationally recognised psychometric tool to help you engage with yourself and others, opening up communication and working better, together. This is relatively unusual – approximately 1 in 25 people show this preference. If you know what you want contact Colin Graves (An Insights Discovery Distributor, Licensed Practitioner and facilitator) now on 07881 636538. The Insights Discovery System is a simple yet powerful framework used extensively in organizations worldwide for developing and improving personal leadership, high performing teams and interpersonal communication in the workplace. In a virtual environment, knowing more about your colleagues and how they prefer to work can help you move beyond surface-level relationships into truly collaborative partnerships. Standard Terms of Business | Policies & Legal, Licensed Practitioners of Insights Es misst Verhalten, Motive und die emotionale Intelligenz einer Person. A psychometric tool based on the psychology of Carl Jung, Insights Discovery is built to help people understand themselves, understand others, and make the most of the relationships that affect them in the workplace. INSIGHTS MDI® Talent Insights „Sales-Check Mit den Ergebnissen der Sales – Version erhält der Mitarbeiter strukturierte Hinweise zu seinen Stärken und möglichen Schwächen im Verkauf. © Andrew Lothian 2003, Dundee Scotland. This graph could loosely describe you ‘At Work’. It is better to have fewer goals and really focus on them. No position is ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than another. Insights Discovery is all about helping individuals understand themselves and others so they can appreciate and value different approaches. Es kann projektiv oder psychometrisch konstruiert sein und beruht in der Regel auf Einschätzungen bzw. Insights Discovery is a powerful system based on psychological preferences. Key chapters of the Insights Discovery Personal Profile include: Insights Discovery is at the heart of what we do. This section identifies your natural, or preferred, management style. Insights® Discovery Präferenz-Profil. Learning & Development Ltd. Your spot(s) may appear on the outer, central or inner ring of the Insights Discovery wheel. This means that, despite your best intentions, your preferred communication style may well be upsetting your Opposite Type and it’s only you who can change it. 1. Action (Coaching Opportunity) Het klinkt zo mooi: laat kandidaten voor uw functie een persoonlijkheidstest doen zodat… Insights, Insights Discovery and Pick what you regard as your top 3 and then ask others to pick their top 3 for you. There are just different approaches! This Insights Discovery profile is based on John Smith’s responses to the Insights Preference Evaluator which was completed on 11/04/2007. This graph shows how you answered the evaluator. click here for a more detailed explanation, Can be used to bring about profound personal development. Insights Discovery is a psychometric tool based on Jungian psychology, which uses a four-colour model to highlight key personality preferences and associated behaviours. You’ll Learn To Improve Communication And Minimize Conflict With Insights Discovery, you will gain an understanding on how to communicate with your opposite color energy to gain their trust and increase your engagement with them. These are likely to be the behaviours you are most comfortable using – the higher, the more comfortable. These are the graphs and statistics upon which your Insights Discovery profile is built. This section can often hold clues as to why you may be suited to some roles more than others. The middle graph on your profile shows the dynamic (push or pull) between the two larger Insights Discovery graphs. Play our fun color game to find out if you could lead with Cool Blue, Earth Green, Sunshine Yellow or Fiery Red color energy – and what this means for you. The lower, the less comfortable you probably are using this energy. This page can highlight some opportunities for you to bring about changes to the workplace, or the way you work, to reflect your ideal. Es enthält zahlreiche Hinweise und Anhaltspunkte, persönliche Entwicklungswege abzuleiten. The golden rule is ‘Do unto others as THEY would have done unto THEM’. Fragebogen. Used as part of a one-to-one coaching program, Insights Discovery can help people create a tailor-made development plan. The Colour Works International Ltd, INSIGHTS MDI® ist ein ganzheitliches Diagnostikinstrument zur Talenterkennung und Potenzialentwicklung. See more ideas about Insights discovery, Discovery, Insight. Do you recognise yourself? All rights reserved. Ergebnisse der Verhaltensforschung belegen es immer wieder: Selbsterkenntnis und Verstehen der eigenen Persönlichkeit sind der Schlüssel für persönliche Weiterentwicklung und Erfolg. You may be inclined to disagree with some aspects of the Insights Discovery profile. Peartree Business Centre, Cobham Road, Ferndown, Dorset BH21 7PT, Registered Company Number 4887010 Be prepared to dig deep in this section as it explores your less conscious side and the effect your less conscious behaviours can have on other people. Think about it, both personally and professionally, and start to question your beliefs about any of their traits that may irritate or annoy you. Additionally, see if you can find a couple of phrases from each section that describe you best and test these out on others too. Questionnaire en Ligne. Qlick guided us on a journey of discovery into ourselves, our thoughts and feelings and to a better understanding of the way other people react. This list of 10 strengths is not exhaustive, you will have others but these have been highlighted as 10 key areas of strength. Rei… If the overall preference flow percentage figure is relatively low (plus to minus 10%), is it that you can do your job with your eyes closed, or are you a little de-motivated? Es misst Verhalten, Motive und die emotionale Intelligenz einer Person. Virtual learning is the new norm and we are providing all our Insights Discovery programmes in … Die Insights Discovery Persönlichkeitsanalyse nutzt die Typologielehre des bekannten Schweizer Psychologen C. G. Jung. It can give a fascinating insight into team dynamics and to value and appreciate the differences (and similarities) in those you work with. This section also identifies your unique talents and provides you with a picture of how you may well be perceived in the workplace. Action (Coaching Opportunity) Action (Coaching Opportunity) Oct 14, 2020 - Bite-size content to help you keep the Insights Discovery learning alive. What is a DISC Personality Test Online?The current day DISC Personality Test Online has been adapted over time. Your profile describes you, it doesn’t define you. Creative Types balance opposing energies and literally create their own style of being. Knowing the strengths others see in you can give you the confidence to really apply them. It is important that others know what motivates you and that you understand the differing motivations of others. It’s different from strengths in that it is ‘team orientated’ rather than ‘strength orientated’. Wir wenden das Vier-Farben-Modell bei diversen geschäftlichen Herausforderungen an und konzentrieren uns auf Ihr … It's suitable for organisations that have some or all team members working virtually, It's great for those that prefer virtual delivery due to travel restrictions, global dispersion of teams, or for sustainability reasons, It's ideal for those that have had to move to home-working due to the current crisis. The tool is hugely popular within businesses and can be used for individual performance development or wider team development. This board is dedicated to the four colour energies: Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue. The origins of personality theory can be traced back to the fifth century BC, when Hippocrates identified four distinct energies exhibited by different people. This brief summary of your personal style is based upon the theory of personality outlined by Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in 1921. This list identifies some potential areas for personal development. Sei es, um die Sozialkompetenz weiterzuentwickeln, die Kommunikationsfähigkeit auszubauen oder um besser persönliche und geschäftliche Beziehungen auf- und auszubauen. Which aspect of the feedback would deliver the greatest return to you (either personally or professionally) if you consciously worked on it over the next 6 months? Based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung, the Insights Discovery system helps an individual recognise that each person is unique with different styles of working, needs and expectations. Using the profiles as a springboard, we work with your people, teams and leaders to tackle the challenges that are standing between them and peak performance, such as effective communication, management styles, sales performance and finding an environment that inspires them to do their best work. Discovery Heute bestellen, versandkostenfrei Ein Kandidat, der in der Reihe der schlechten kommerziellen Tests mit ganz oben steht, ist der Insights Discovery, bzw. Insights® Discovery ist im Bereich Learning & Development ein renommiertes, psychometrisches Instument, welches an der Basis auf den Einstellungen und Funktionen vom weltanerkannten Schweizer Psychologen C. G. Jung ((1875 – 1963) beruht. Bei erfahrenen Vertriebsmitarbeitern, die ihr eigenes Verhalten situativ sehr gut steuern, passt das Ergebnis manchmal weniger. Nevertheless this list can be incredibly useful in highlighting potential areas for development. Motive und Werte haben einen grossen Einfluss auf das Verhalten. Einsatzmöglichkeiten: 1. MBTI® 3. Through Insights Discovery, individuals will gain a common language that has wide-ranging benefits, including connecting colleagues across geographical and cultural boundaries, and providing a safe platform for feedback conversations. Nachteile und Gefahren von Persönlichkeitstests 6. ‘Creative’ Types have their first and second preferences in opposition (i.e. Action (Coaching Opportunity) Die verschiedenen Tools der INSIGHTS-Methode basieren auf diesen Bausteinen: Take this seriously. One of the main benefits of Insights Discovery is that you can gain an in-depth summary of your work style, how you interact with others and how you make decisions. This list of 10 may actually reflect what is only an overused strength. The test helps companies all over the world get the very best from their employees at work. You may argue that you have already addressed some of these – because your Insights profile is a reflection of your ‘preferences’, it cannot tell if you are already compensating for an area of development. Insights Discovery is a powerful profiling tool that has a simple but effective colour system that allows individuals to understand their natural strengths and preferred ways of working.. We call these the color energies, and it's the unique mix of Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue energies, which determines how and why people behave the way they do. Highlight the top 3 as you see them and then ask others to do the same – are they the same as the ones you have highlighted? Remember, we tend to communicate with others in the way we like to be communicated with, and this is not always a good strategy! Pick one card that you feel is most like you, and one that is least like you. What energies are you bringing up or down in order to succeed in your more conscious role? The virtual Introduction to Insights Discovery session takes the best of our Insights Discovery learning experience and applies it in a virtual environment for maximum learner engagement. This article will describe these two axis in more … A simple guide to ‘how to’ and ‘how not to’ communicate with your opposite type. Highlight your top 3 but be mindful of setting yourself too many different goals. Insights Discovery® is a practical and visual model which builds on Carl Jung’s 8-type wheel to describe preferences in terms of colour energies. Action (Coaching Opportunity) This section highlights how you are likely to be motivated. To be used in conjunction with an Insights Accredited Coach. The Insights Discovery methodology uses a simple and memorable four color model to help people understand their style, their strengths and the value they bring to the team. His work on psychological types has informed much of the research into personality types and working styles since then and continues to have a strong influence on psychometric profiling, including our Insights Discovery model. This section highlights the most important strategies for managing you. As such, it measures (in proportions that vary among different people): The results show your preferred, secondary, tertiary and least preferred energies in relation to each other. Everyone receives a unique and in-depth Insights Discovery Personal Profile, which is the core of a host of different learning experiences - from individual coaching sessions, to e-learning to group workshops. If you notice a particularly large positive ‘effort’ for one or more colour energy, ask yourself why you are bringing those energies and behaviours UP. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Do your energy/behaviours follow the same order as your conscious graph, or are they different in this your less conscious graph? The impact of Insights Discovery isn't simply in the profile you receive - although that, in itself, is outstanding. Website Developed by Digital Storm Again, compare your own perception of your top 3 with what the rest of the team think about you. Regelmäßig wird die Gültigkeit des Systems überprüft, die Werkzeuge, insbesondere das persönliche Präferenzprofil überarbeitet. Action (Coaching Opportunity) Test your blind spots for validity by asking colleagues (or friends) for feedback. How similar is this to your current work environment? Action (Coaching Opportunity) This section describes some of the ways in which you bring value to the team you are part of. Insights Discovery helps people understand themselves and their colleagues so that they can have more respectful, productive and positive working relationships, even across virtual boundaries. Das Insights Discovery Präferenz-Pro˜ l ist ein Instrument zur Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, das den Einzelnen darin unterstützt, sich auf ansprechende und positive Art besser kennen zu lernen. Insights® 2. Insights Discovery is a personality test based on Jungian psychology and a wide range of psychometric models. Each personality is represented by a color: red, yellow, green and blue. The opposite is true with colour energies falling below that mid line. The Insights … On your Insights Discovery profile page, you will notice two large Insights Discovery graphs, a smaller graph in between and a ‘lens’ below. Red followed by Green or vice versa, or Blue followed by Yellow or vice versa). An interesting section that reflects what is important to you in terms of the working environment. These are incredibly useful sections that describe how to communicate with you effectively. This section describes the person who sits opposite you on the Insights Wheel. Insights Wheel are registered trademarks
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