Although ‘what’s up’ is used interchangeably with ‘how are you’, it’s not the same. IVE WON £1000,000!" Published on March 29, 2020. People often narrate the reasons for being ‘not so good’ in their first response itself without being asked by the other person. that is why we have decided to share not only this crossword clue but all the Daily Themed Crossword Answers every single day. “What’s up” is a phrase used by people all around the world who speak English. hide navigation; hey! They may have recently lost job or suffered other catastrophic setback, but they would still say ‘great’ or ‘good’ and quickly pass by. After saying this expression, Y then mentions something mundane – preparing shopping list. Hiuyan Lam. One other thing that you should know: all of these questions can also be used to mean "Hello". 6492. These are nine ways of how to respond to what’s up when it is asked by a friend: When it’s a coworker who has asked “what’s up,” you’ll have to tread lightly if you don’t have a close relationship with him/her. With these ways on how to respond to what’s up, you’ll never have an awkward conversation again or go blank when a stranger says this to you. However, keep in mind that the tone and facial expression while responding say a lot about how things are at your end. Favourite answer. People also say ‘I’m good’ instead of ‘Good’. This feature is not available right now. Or whats wrong with you. If this is your friend, your responses can be more relaxed, fun, and/or sarcastic. Just dropping by to say hi that rhymes lolz. Well, here are 25 responses that will make you a pro at how to respond to what’s up: When your friend asks you “what’s up,” your response can be funny or sarcastic because you are well-acquainted with the speaker. Suggestions. So if someone asks you "whats up" you would reply "hi how are you." A lot of times it is just like saying Hello. milk contains calcium. One step above simply responding " hey, " adding a " how are you? " If you respond energetically, ‘fine’ would mean things are, well, fine. Everyone was looking at me like What's up with him. " You mean things are OK, and you don’t want to discuss any further. of salt. DoubtfulLullaby 1 day ago #6 guppy's are dumb. (In other matchups, anyone can initiate.) But before that, let’s first understand a person’s intent behind this question. Search results. Download video here : Here : when somebody sols whats up ,well i took the dog to the vet .to day another 150.00. i paid the electric bill today it cost me 400.00 so,whats up with you 0 0 0 Log in to reply to the answers Post Whats up is basically american slang for What is going on. I am not thatttt dumb even though I’m a Guppy... First off, you're wrong. Copyright 2019 © Lemon Grad. Read the scenario, then answer the question. I … NO WAY. 1 decade ago . 6 Answers. that's a quick way to ask how you're doing. Here is a way: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This is an awesome one... "Hey wats up??" You hear them multiple times daily. Are you confused? Hey all, I’m a patreon of Rudy (Alpha Investments) and he recently posted that he will be setting up an interview (Q&A) with James White the creator of FaB. Favorite Answer. tell me how ya feeeeeling (; Answer Save. Stop it! therefore, drinking milk build strong bones. You won’t always hear ‘how are you’ though. Heather. When not to answer. So next time someone shoots ‘how are you’ at you, don’t launch into your tale of woes or the big prize you won last week. ‘Not so good’ is not positive. workshops; team building; corporate social responsibility; craft markets; gifts & giveaways; actividades para grupos; raio-x. Some of its variants are: You can respond to these expressions in the way you respond to ‘how are you’. I dunno. Loud and clear. However, people often say these expressions just for the sake of it – completing the greeting loop. However, either party can use an Extend (one Extend per day … Not only a bad idea, but probably also illegal. Traductions en contexte de "hey what's up" en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : Quality Of Products & Services: 5 stars out of 5 View More Mark Switswell, Los Angeles, USA (22-Dec-2015) Hey what's up … I’m just preparing my shopping list. Have a look at these eight ways of how to respond to what’s up when it is said by a stranger: How can you ever run out of ways of how to respond to “what’s up” with such a long list? So learn to take these phrases with a pinch (or sackload!) Áreas de produÇÃo. I started yelling in excitement. ' Hey, how are you? ' The usual. Áreas de produÇÃo. ‘How are you’ and its variants such as ‘how are you doing’ (variants too are covered in the post) are so commonplace. Traductions en contexte de "hey whats up" en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : And I want you hey whats up man When you say ‘I’m fine’ or ‘Fine’, you don’t sound positive. Your email address will not be published. Hey everyone is going to Idaho or Montana and finding a baby wolf with it's parents dead and raising it a good idea? 0 0. mach2.25steve. An excuse for your friends to be dickwad punsters when you just want to hang out. “What’s up” is a phrase used by people all around the world who speak English. Because really, there isn't much you CAN say. Community Answers: 1 Get Other questions on the subject: English. NicoSancheese 1 day ago ... “Hey, what’s up!” The answer is sooooo obvious! ‘Great’ or ‘good’ is not the appropriate answer to ‘what’s going on’ (they’re appropriate for ‘how…’). K. D. M. Lv 6. adds a little bit of interest to the conversation. Screwed in a light bulb. In that case, you don't have to answer. However, if you’re in a formal setting, you may add ‘thank you’ to your response. Or whats new with you. Relevance. It’s not an enquiry into your state of affairs. However, if you’re busy with something new or different, you can state what you’re doing: You can also ask the other person as to what’s going on in their lives, but you don’t do that by repeating ‘what’s up’. Exam Answers Free. Correct answer to the question Hey whats up people of brainly - Required fields are marked *. ‘Great’ and ‘Good’, both, are positive responses and show that you’re in good spirits. what kind of reasoning is this? Not general or contrived statistics, but rather the success (and failure) rates I witnessed while working at day trading firms from 2005 to 2010. "Not much," is what most people are looking for. consuming calcium build bones. The other person doesn’t want any of that. Search Results: Whats the best way to answer questions from the caliper test . Y: Nothing much. If no initial message is sent, the match expires and the connection disappears from both people’s Beehive. How to answer hey whats up. ‘Nothing much’ means there isn’t anything exciting going on at the moment. 1 0. totalprincess. Knowing how to respond also depends on the person who said it and whether it is a friend, stranger, or coworker. These are eight ways on how to respond to what’s up when it is said by a coworker: When a stranger says “what’s up,” the way you respond will indicate whether you’re up for a conversation or not with this stranger. The way you respond will also depend on the scenario. ), how about you? Knowing how to respond to what’s up all depends on the situation or setting. well if its a guy say whats up my man, or something to keep him on the tip of his chair. Y: Stressed out at work big time. Whenever someone says, "Hey, what's up?" 1 decade ago. "Nothin much."" How To Answer Hey Whats Up [Most popular] 2564 kb/s. You’ll typically respond with this expression to people with whom you’re comfortable sharing not-so-good experiences, because you’re expected to share why you aren’t so good. When someone pops ‘how are you’, they don’t want to know what’s going on in your life. Y: Nothing much. All rights reserved. Here’s the thorough answer How to answer hey whats up. What's happening? Taking your time to send real estate thank you notes to your clients can make them... Photo by Andrea Piacquadio under pexels license. "If I tell you, would you ride on it?!" "Hey, whats up?" Learn how your comment data is processed. as for if its a girl say, hey gal what u up to or something to make her feel special. Hey guys whats up, how are you doing? Note that ‘nothing much’ is a generic expression – it’ll go with regular or non-regular things – and therefore will fit in here as well. I crossed the road. The good. This question means the same thing as "What's up" and can be answered in the same way. I even had one colleague phone her mother about it. “What’s up” is a greeting, a question, and a show of mutual respect or understanding. I’m just preparing my shopping list. sobre nÓs; institucional ; termos e condiÇÕes; polÍtica de privacidade; contactos; blog up / to top selecciona uma página! "Oh hey, nothing much, (or what you're doing, example; doing laundry, making dinner, etc. Relevance. “What’s up” is a greeting, a question, and a show of mutual respect or understanding. Your email address will not be published. 122 likes. Havent seen you in a while guppy, whats up. Knowing how to respond to what’s up all depends on the situation or setting. How was your day? I was getting pats on my back from my colleagues and even bosses. What's up? No, I don't want a boring answer, sup?". They didn't believe me at first until I showed them. English, 21.06.2019 15:00, sidney2602. Hey whats up?PLEASE ANSWER!?!?!?!? Next page. If you’re looking for more conversations and introductions, you may have a look at posts on. Favorite Answer. More work than I can handle and a bad boss to deal with. I kept this up all day. Its just a greeting. When a match is first made, a 24-hour clock starts to run. 1 decade ago. ‘Nothing much’ means there isn’t anything exciting going on at the moment. After saying this expression, Y then mentions something mundane – preparing shopping list. ‘How are you’ is a way to greet. A better answer is: X: Hey, what’s up? It would be more natural to respond with another greeting: The answer is no. It just means how are you, so you just reply I'm okay, or something like that. or " what ' s up? " I’m just preparing my shopping list. Hi, Hey, Good morning, Goodnight, etc.) In case, Y wasn’t doing even that, s/he could’ve finished at just ‘nothing much’. When people say ‘what’s up’, they mean what’s going on. You tell me. 10 years ago. hey! Duh, the answer is either the sky or the ceiling! Only in few cases, they’ll speak the truth (covered in point # 4). answer and solution which is part of Daily Themed Crossword March 19 2018 Answers.Many other players have had difficulties with Hey ____ what’s up? In case, Y wasn’t doing even that, s/he could’ve finished at just ‘nothing much’. or ' Hey, what ' s up? You can answer this way if your life has been really busy and exciting lately. 01 Respond in a timely manner 02 Respond with a greeting (e.g. In an opposite-sex match, the woman has 24 hours to send a message to the man to start a conversation. Its obviously the ceiling. The interview is set to be this weekend (November 7-8), and if you want to ask any questions to LSS and James White feel free to leave them below in the comments. Answer Save. Y: Nothing much. A drooping voice though would indicate otherwise. That’s a thing of the past! If you’re doing something that you regularly do, you can also say: And if you want you can go on to add what regular work you’re doing at the moment. This expression is a plain-vanilla greeting, which requires an equally plain-vanilla, though quick, response such as ‘good’ or ‘fine’. mascall v mascall essay ccna questions and answers pdf corporate finance exam questions and answers free icm past questions and answers journeyman plumber practice exam dgt consultar notas de examenes teoricos maryland jurisprudence exam counseling examenes de ingles avanzado chapter 8 … Please find below the Hey ____ what’s up? Hey. The bad. Please try again later. 6 Answers.
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