Free printable and easy chords ver. Songs These song arrangements for the ukulele are provided by Doctor Uke for his students and/or patients.They are to be used for educational and/or medicinal purposes only. I started 5 years ago! Fly Me To The Moon (Fingerstyle) Bart Howard. I’m picking up what you’re putting down. Strumming. Oh and one reminder: If you more like old music, look, the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and other ones are still making music. UkuWorld and its derivatives do not own any songs, lyrics or arrangements posted and/or printed. Some more Good bands Whether you play the ukulele or bass kazoo, there is no better way to improve your chops than by learning to play your favorite songs. One couple came from Arizona; one couple came from Oregon; and one local resident – were all first timers to learning the Ukulele Mele Way. Then switch over to Strum 3 with G7 on beat 1, Cmaj7 on beat 5, and C7 on the Up of beat 6. But like it’s been said, practice is key, so just keep on trying. Because you’re not playing the A string, you actually don’t need to hold the C chord at all – but we suggest that you do, mainly as a way to remind yourself what chord you are on in the chord progression & because if by chance you accidentally hit the A string, it will still sound good. Corcovado. The strumming pattern is as follows: When playing F strum down up. Beginning his musical career in the Swing Era along with Harry James and Tommy Dorsey, Sinatra became a highly successful solo artist, releasing 59 studio albums and becoming the idol of the 'bobby soxers'. Arctic Monkeys (mainstream but good) Take a rubber band, and loop it under your ukulele. I personally love all these bands and the lyrics actually form a sentence! Love the arrangement! Fly me to the Moon Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok ko Ang Huling El Bimbo 🎻OPM Songs 214 Buwan Kung Di rin lang Ikaw Maybe the Night Sugarol With a Smile ... UKE POP (Ukelele Chords & Lyrics) Non-Fiction. So while I was practicing a song (say Stand By Me), I would just do downstrums with my thumb and work on the chords. Check out the video above to learn the chords, strumming, and picking for this song and have fun with the Play-Along when you've got it. ive only heard one hozier song: take me to church, but he sound very good, yes I definitely suggest hozier, in case you don’t know who he is he sang take me to church and lives just up the road from me, Try listening to take me home country road. Solo version of Fly me to the moon with lyrics. Instead I always use the same pattern. yes of course they did. i remember that feeling of frustration. The UU+ Solos version of this song is available now: Check it out and have fun with the instrumental version! Body and Soul. And to my surprise, I can actually play it! Dr. Uke's ukulele chord diagrams. Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon Ukulele Chords On Obviously everyone has a different experience, but that was what worked for me! Lyrics don't fit on one line? Me! Wallows Fly Me To The Moon - Frank Sinatra as interpreted by Ukulele Cheats … I made my own strumming pattern, it’s D (chuck) UU (chuck) U and switch chords on the last U. because who wouldn’t win if they did that? He plays lovely Ukulele Songs and I enjoy listening to him. If you had the chance, I would love a tutorial on your chunk. Days of Wine and Roses. Dr. Uke sings along with songs marked with an s.Songs marked with an * are suitable for beginners. Strumming: Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon (ukulele) New Feature: You can correct strumming pattern in tab, add new or correct current and submit changes. SLOW MOTION. I do D *tap*D *tap* for strumming and its sounds amzing, Omg try DD*tap*D and the last two chords of the sentence like Cmaj and C7, DD, The Am at the start of each verse should be played with a C instead of an A on the 4th string, ie 2003. ... Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) sheet music notes and chords arranged for Ukulele with Strumming Patterns. As usual great lesson. #ukelele. get that strum down back and forth and then add the words later. even though im very musically blessed hahah, yes. I’d suggest playing the song a couple times and then hum along when you can or try humming along in your head. i love frank. Match the song to your voice and sing it perfectly. You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research. Hey Betsy! Close To You. Same, I always seem to revert back to that, even when I’m trying to learn a new strum pattern. #ukulele #tabs #fingerpicking #pattern. Your email address will not be published. Lol This is definitely a must learn, I’ve been playing ukulele for about 2 years now, and I have to say Frank Sinatra is my favourite thing to play, WHO’S WITH ME!!! Nov 25, 2016 - Fly me to the moon More ... Ukulele Chords Songs. Am Dm 1. so relatable I’ve had my ukulele for a few months already I’ve found it easier to ease my way into singing after learning all the chords its a big help! James Bartholomew. Dream. 120 BPM. That’s a great observation! Don’t have a capo! Sorry if the question is very silly. Free Transpose and Voice Range Fly Me To The Moon. 90 BPM. Don't Get Around Much Anymore. Fly me to the moon More. Another thing to try is once you’ve got it in your muscle memory, you can try to do just single down strums or each chord so that way you don’t have to try both singing and remembering the strumming pattern at the same time. i play piano so uke is more of a hobby but once you understand rhythm and patterns ect. Have a wonderful new year all of our fine fellow uke players - may 2015 bring you even more ukulele joy and musical enjoyment to come! Share. You guys keep up the amazing work. couldnt agree more. But yes, (2003) is technically not an Am7. Mahalo! Thanks for all of your help. This month on Uke Lessons, Aldrine shows you how to play "Fly Me To The Moon" by Frank Sinatra on the ukulele! I am a new uke player! Share this Post. For some reason my voice apparently no longer works when I'm strumming. I don’t mean to nit pick or anything, but wouldn’t that Am7 chord really just be an Am? 1 3 0 3. Fly Me To The Moon ukulele chords by Frank Sinatra. It sounds good with most songs and it’s a really simple to memorize. Fly Me To the Moon Intro: 4 beats per chord ... Ukulele arrangement Austin Ukulele Society, 2016. Walter Rodrigues Jr. Just found it a couple days ago! Nov 25, 2016 - Fly me to the moon More. It's a brand new year and to help kick off your thrusters towards all of your sky-high ukulele goals for 2015, we've got an awesome version of Frank Sinatra's classic, "Fly Me To The Moon" for you to learn and play on your uke! D.I.D whenever i would start to sing my hands would just freeze up or the strum pattern would be jacked. Thanks again! Fly me to the moon G C and let me play among the stars, F Dm E Am l That’s a great observation! Slowing the strum pattern while singing or humming can also help. Really Strum 3 is just a slight alteration of Strum 2, to fit the chords that you’re playing, so try it out and hopefully it all works for you. Nov 26, 2019 - Explore Kayla Parker's board "Ukulele", followed by 770 people on Pinterest. 39 40 Fly Me To The Moon chords Frank Sinatra Am Dm7 G7 Cmaj7 Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars, F Dm E7 Am A7 Let me see what spring … Check it out to learn the chords, strumming pattern, and picking for this song & play along with the Play-Along! avocadowavedogwearingscrunchieslisteningtogreenday, avaocadowavedogwearingscrunchieslisteningtogreenda. Ukulele Songbook Fly Me To The Moon – page 2 First Ending: Second Ending: Intro: Verse 1 Verse 2 – 1st ending Verse 1 – Instrumental Verse 2 – 2nd ending Strum p1 #6. 1 0 0 1 0 0 3 2 0 2.. 0 E m7 1 2 16 ˙ Ó 0 Ó 3 1 2 2 2 0 2 1 Dm7 2314 E 12 3 17œ. Try this strumming pattern! Anyways, have a great day :). Bart Howard. Chances Are. Start with humming/whistling, once your good at that, sing, but only do single down strums, then start singing and strumming, I cant play a easy strumming pattern and sing but i mean i only really play sad slow love songs so i can get away with single strum per chord while i sing, just practice the strumming pattern on just one note then make sure you know the lyrics and all the chords without looking, then that should make it easier, Try doing one strum instead of the strumming pattern then once u have the hang of that its easier to do it with the strumming pattern, its purely practice. Download printable PDF. Fly Me To The Moon. This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. Like DDU-UDU is a set). See more ideas about Ukulele, Ukulele songs, Ukelele songs. Also, check out BEGINNERS. At the end of the line ‘Imagine all the people’ I have shown an F chord for the ukulele version. No one does it better and I can’t seem to get that pure percussive sound. Download printable PDF. I have been playing for over 7 years and I COMPLETELY agree that this is a must-learn! I haven’t been around much lately over the past 2 years because I went back to school for music, thanks to Aldrine’s (and everyone else here) inspiration and motivation. there’s really good songs out there, they’re just hard to find. I started with an el cheapo Lanakai and have since grown on to guitar, bass, and piano. Switch orientation Sound of Silence van Simon and Garfunkel op de ukelele in fingerstyle. The pattern is D DU UDU. In the picking pattern which ends with a C chord, why must you make the C chord when you only play the top three strings and not play the 3rd fret of the A string? I love that the ukulele can plug into an amplifier, you can hear it better and you can adjust the treble, bass, and volume on the electric Cordoba tenor! 3 2 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 A 18 œ. Then, once you can do that, you can try to sing or hum along with it. Mar 24, 2020 - Explore Jesse Ley's board "Strumming patterns ukulele" on Pinterest. I didn’t need to dig, because my father showed me all his favourite songs and now I’m literally obsessed with Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra and all the beautiful bands outside. When I was learning I would play just one down strum on each chord and sing then when I got the hang of it add the strumming pattern. UDU (Chuck) UDU (Chuck) NORMAL. Jan 19, 2020 - Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) sheet music notes and chords for Ukulele Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) sheet music notes, chords for Ukulele with strumming patterns. I know one thing that helps that’s already been said is practice just the uke by itself until it’s easier and in your muscle memory. Create and get +5 IQ. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day November 6, 2020. There is no strumming pattern for this song yet. Fly Me To The Moon (Jazz Fingerstyle) Frank Sinatra. ofc mi baba he made such amazing music and has such a great voice an it all sounds gert lush on a uke, Can you give me tips on singing and playing?? Jazz Free … Have fun! Read Fly me to the Moon from the story UKE POP (Ukelele Chords & Lyrics) by iampople (POPLE) with 2,694 reads. Required fields are marked *, Growing the next generation of Ukulele Players around the world. Strictly speaking this should be Dm7 (which I have shown in the guitar version) but on the ukulele F works well as it produces the descending note pattern which is heard in the song (and all the notes of the F chord are included in a Dm7 chord). Honestly it just seems like the best way to do both is to smash those chords/strum pattern into your brain. Someone actually asked about this in the comments of the Play-Along Video, but the simple answer is that the real Am7 (2433) that you would use in this spot is a little difficult to transition to the next few positions from, so we simplified it to (2003) which sounds similar enough, but is a LOT easier to play. Try landscape mode instead of portrait. I got it down so I could do it without focusing too hard and started humming along. I know the pattern but I sound like a wild banshee stuck in a bear trap so I just let my ukulele do the singing for me now and have been working on finger picking. Lyrics in old songs: Beautiful, meaningful, complicated, romantic. Jazz Free preview. Fly Me to the Moon. Jazz Free preview. I don’t try and figure it out. Contact Dr. Uke. Basically, it’s a mix of both Strum 1 and Strum 2. Have fun & keep strummin’. SKU 39334. All it takes is practice maybe try using a different strumming pattern , i just practice by strumming the chords once then later once I know the chords and words I try and add the strumming pattern. - 8 - Markelele Songbook 12 Bar Blues For Uke The basic structure of the blues uses 3 chords, in 12 bars, then repeats. Danny Boy. ... agree more. youll get there i promise, Make it jazzy! Feelings. RECENT SONG TUTORIALS. Keep up the great work & if you have any other questions, we’ve got you covered! UU+ Solos – Fly Me To The Moon (Solo Ukulele Arrangement) Skill Level: Advanced Song Key: C Song Style: Instrumental Instructor: Aldrine Guerrero Like Cheek to Cheek. This song is one of my favorites on this site. Blue Skies. Learn how with this free video ukulele lesson from Ukulele Mike. Excellent tutorial! Ukulele Chords G C E A kiss me. Still an Am, but brings it up to match the vocal, I use the strumming pattern DDUDDU I think adds something to the song :), I agree but that pattern doesn’t lead very well, if you changed it to something like DDU,UDU, This is the same alex i just joined on a different account.. for people who dont know what the comma means in the strum pattern, it represents a pause, or a beat skip, or maybe a tap. If you want to play "Learning to Fly" by Tom Petty on acoustic guitar you should first pay the chords, F, C, Am and G. These same four chords will be played over and over again to complete the song. 4 for song by Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon. Yeah my generation is bad…It’s such a pretty song, but most kids my age don’t get the lyrics at all…it’s really sad. andlet me. Is that supposed to be an insult? Oct 12, 2018 - Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) sheet music notes and chords arranged for Ukulele with Strumming Patterns. :). J œœ œ Fill.myheartwith 3 2 0 3. Exactly Like You. I absolutely Love playing the ukulele and another website to look at is CHORDIFY and it will most likely be the first thing that pops up! Song "Fly Me To The Moon" ukulele chords and tabs by Frank Sinatra. The best I could find for this song! Take her to the Moon 3.1K 2 1. by iampople. Great chords, not hard to learn. Legend. Am7 Dm7 G7 Cmaj7 Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars, F7 Bm7/b5 E7 Am7 Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and mars, Dm7 G7 C7+ E7 A7 In other words, hold my hand!Dm7 G7 Cmaj7 B7/b9 E7 In other words, darling kiss me!Am7 Dm7 G7 Cmaj7 Fill my heart with song, and let me sing forever more F7+ Bm7/b5 E7 Am7 you are all I long for all I worship & adore Dm7 G7 C7+ Bb7/b9 … Thank you so much for being part of the Underground! I mean really learn them! It’s easy to have a makeshift one- as long as you’re careful! Visit the website for the video tutorial and chords #guitar #music #guitarlesson… was published and added to our site. Also, for all of you UU+ Members, you should be able to see a downloadable & printable pdf chord sheet + TABS right under the video above, to help you get going with this song - if you don't see it, Sign In to check it out! When it’s not included on the chord sheet (which it generally isn’t), how do you know what pattern or picking pattern to use? Muscle memory is also a big part in a lot of things not just music. Happy New Year and keep strummin' Aloha,-UU Staff This is fun to play except my hands are breaking right now. you decide :), Francis Albert Sinatra (born December 12, 1915 in Hoboken, New Jersey; died May 14, 1998 in Los Angeles, California) was an Italian American Grammy Award winning jazz singer, Academy Award winning actor, founder of Reprise Records and member of The Rat Pack. WAITING ROOM. Gay isn’t an insult. Thank you for providing this. If you’re not holding the A string 3rd fret and you accidentally hit the A string, the A note will clash and sound a little sour, so by holding your C chord, even if you aren’t supposed to play it, you greatly minimize the risk of sounding like you messed up Rock on & keep strummin’! I am new to uke and have a hard time figuring out a strumming pattern as I have little natural ability (seriously). Chattanooga Choo Choo. Charleston. i remember that feeling of frustration. I started trying to learn songs without worrying about strumming patterns and just worrying the chording. Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) sheet music notes and chords arranged for Ukulele with Strumming Patterns. I think it sounds great, and if you can’t chuck that’s fine, just tap the strings with your hand :). Learn to play score in minutes. Darktown Strutter's Ball. Good luck! I have tried but can’t seem to keep track of strumming the same beat whim singing, Make sure you are paying attention to the chords that you are doing and try to move your voice with the beat and time of your fingers. That’s awesome! Just a little confused is all. mood. Create and get +5 IQ. My fingers get red and numb from practicing to much, but it’s sooo fun, Lol same the skin on my finger tips is falling off :/, it’s a bad problem for me becaus i haven this really bad habit that i’m trying to stop where i peal all the skin off my finger tips (that sounds gross i’m sorry lol) and then it gets worse as i play the uke :((, Absolutely beautiful! Also, an easy bew strum. Chords ratings, diagrams and lyrics. Saved by Jane Barry. We Three Kings November 20, 2020. Fly Me To The Moon. Then, with practice, it’ll get easier to do strumming patterns and singing at the same time. See more ideas about Ukulele, Ukulele music, Ukelele songs. I love the slow down sections. Thanks so much! Blog Fly Me To The Moon. Oh and as I see you are on a Ukulele Page I can recommend you a young singer named Cavetown. That’s what the ukulele is all about. the cmaj7 chord is so satisfying in this song, love this! There’s plenty of fantastic musicians out there who need support and have lovely songs. Make up the strum pattern and change it as you go! Try Humming along first then once you can do that, try singing! Embraceable You. Fly Me To The Moon. And if not, strumming is really an art in itself, so as long as you’re on beat and it sounds good with the song, feel free to strum however you want. Sports, typing, writing all use muscle memory. (For Strum 1, I’ll double it and make it into 8 beats long instead of 4 beats): (For Strum 2, I renumbered it as beats 1-8 instead of two sets of beats 1-4): So we can take beats 1-4 of Strum 1 and combine it with beats 5-8 of Strum 2, to get what we’ll call Strum 3: So for the first line of the song, you would play Strum 1 with Am7 on beat 1 and Dm7 on beat 5. December Private Lessons Open Click to Book Your Lesson! also start out with simple songs and simple rythms and work your way up, try starting with some simple songs like a popular one is I’m Yours by Jason Maraz and Riptide by Vance Joy, i strummed and lightly hummed and when i got used to that i started singing words. look for songs that aren’t mainstream. Catch the ends with a pencil, which lays overtop. Solo version of Fly me to the moon with lyrics. SKU 39334. At one point you can start singing along instead of humming. © 2008-2020 Ukulele Underground LLC. 2012-2020, Part of the UkuWorld network, Some Rights Reserved. Fly Me To The Moon. Basically, it’s a mix of both Strum 1 and Strum 2. Hence, my reading of this stream of comments. You will love the trendy topics we have prepared for you. You’re totally correct! Aldrine has done a few videos showing the “Chunk” in great detail – check out the Uke Minutes Episode on How to Chunk or Week 4 of Ukulele 101 for a really in-depth look at this technique. ukelele. In the tutorial you showed two strumming patterns (lets call them “strum1” and “strum2”) Now, at the first 5 chords you play: strum1(Am7), strum1(Dm7), strum1(G7), but what strum do you play for Cmaj7 and C7? Just takes a little practice with your uke after you think your doing good with what you’re practicing then try singing. If you don’t like the charts music, then you need to dig. Great to see you around UU again! When it comes to picking patterns I don’t know though. I sang this in a Kermit the frog voice for my talent show a while back. humming at first is 100% the best way to figure it out. Chords in this song C A7 Am ’= Pause or take a breath [stop] = Strum the chord once and mute the strings ’’ [hold] = Strum the chord once and let it ring Dm G7 It doesn’t sound like strum1 or strum2. No worries! You didn’t add the 7th, but doubled the 3rd. I must continue practicing .must practice need practice. Five people attended my 44 th ‘Ukulele Strumming Workshop on Saturday, December 16 at the Bailey House in Wailuku bringing the total to 631 served since the workshops began on July 14, 2012. I used to think i could never sing and play at the same time but I eventually got it through PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! Deck The Halls November 27, 2020. When playing C strum up up down. Your email address will not be published. CHORD CHART. Fly Me To The Moon. FLY ME TO THE MOON. Thanks! There is no strumming pattern for this song yet. by iampople Follow. Strum what feels right in the moment. Have fun, and as always, if you have any questions, we’re here for you! Here are the strumming patterns (D=Down, U=Up): (For Strum 1, I’ll double it and make it into 8 beats long instead of 4 beats): Strum 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 D D DUDUD D DUDU (For Strum 2, I renumbered it as beats 1-8 instead of two sets of beats 1-4): Strum 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 D DUD DUDUDU UDU Cry Me a River. Blue Moon. ya that’s why I write my own songs so I don’t have to sing some of the crap that is written today, Well y’know everyone has his own taste in music. This worked out great and I could sing along just fine. Count Your Blessings. playing any instrument becomes really easy. whenever i would start to sing my hands would just freeze up or the strum pattern would be jacked. Aanddarierw (Harmonies) Fly Me To The Moon. When playing Am strum Down up and finally when playing G strum up up down. All songs by Frank Sinatra. I’m not a singer. What I did was start off with Somewhere Over the Rainbow, because it’s the kind of song that right after you finished one set of strumming, you move on to another chord for the most part (does that make sense? Only 4 strings, only so many ways to voice an extended chord. I’m so disappointed with my generation lol. Free and guaranteed quality tablature with ukulele chord charts, transposer and auto scroller. Lyrics in 2020 songs: yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yum, Exactly ugh. I agree, i have been playing for a couple months now, but when i started, i could never sing along to songs, but now i can do it as soon as i learn the chords! THANK YOU UU!!!!! Play just the uke until you can play by muscle memory and once you have done that you can try to hum or sing along. And it’s great! Transpose printable Jazz composition or download, save as PDF. I can’t wait till the one with out vocals. honestly girl, ive been doing ukulele for 2 years now and i used to play once a week now i play 3 hours everyday so if u want a tip from me just PRACTICE because im just staring to get good at ukulele and singing just if u want tip just stick with the basics first like learn the basic chords it will be boring at first but trust me when you know a lot of chords and is practicing singing you gon be the next grace vanderwall, am I the only one it came naturally to? :))). j œœœ song. Browse the Full List of UU Song Tutorials. If you've learned and mastered last month's Uke Lesson (Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song"), this one will be a walk in the park - it's also in the Key of C, with many of the same pretty-sounding chords to make the song sing. However I am a little bit confused with the strumming pattern. Want to play "Fly Me to the Moon" on your ukulele? FRANK SINATRA. Yeah… I didn’t think of that strumming pattern…. 41. 40,831 views, added to favorites 1,723 times. Not the best advice but it’s what worked for me, i like to simply learn when to play by when to sing learn the song with the music l on yt then start to sing along to the music then sing like how u did with yt and play from when the note hits the certain word, i know right i tried but found it hard to sing to the strumming. Ukelele easy chords with lyrics. SKU 39334. I just got a new electric tenor Cordoba and I sound amazing with this song especially. Thanks. I hope to have talent like that one day. ALSO, there's a UU+ Solos version of Fly Me To The Moon available so you can learn a completely instrumental version of this great tune, too. Read Me Strummed Songs Strum Patterns Fingerstyle Easy Tabs Folk / Bluegrass Irish / Bluegrass Children's Classical Christmas Blues Jazz Bass Tabs Theory Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon Easy Blues / Jazz Guitar Fingerstyle Tab And Video Tutorial - All Images can be saved free to find out how click here Read Me. Paul Gilbert. I don’t know how I missed it, but super glad I found it! All Rights Reserved. Hey Uke Players! i cant sing as low as him though so i have to sing the high part :|. Fill You my are heart with all Dm7 song Bm7b5 long and for, let all me G7 Sing wor - for ship and er a Cmaj7 more d ore Fly me to the Here are the strumming patterns (D=Down, U=Up):
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