Here, Blofeld is tall, thin, and bearded, with a European accent more in keeping with the character as presented in From Russia With Love and Thunderball. Gustav Graves | Armitage Rook | Spectre Cat Name. Born cat, james bond, 007, scar, blofeld # cat # james bond # 007 # scar # blofeld james bond, spectre, 007, 00q, quartermaster # james bond # spectre # 007 # 00q # quartermaster austin powers, one million dollars # austin powers # one million dollars Spectre is, of course, the name of the sinister organisation founded by Blofeld in Ian Fleming’s books (he features in Thunderball, On Her Majesty’s Secret … Bob Conley | Hannes Oberhauser (father)Unidentified (mother)James Bond (foster brother) He re-emerged years later, as the leader of the vast and shadowy terrorist organization known as SPECTRE. Dr. Alvarez | However, the name of the villain was also inspired by his classmate, the father of BBC cricket commentator Henry Blofeld, as mentioned by Henry in an interview with BBC Radio 4's, Producer Harry Sullivan initially cast the Czech actor Jan Werich as Blofeld in, Blofeld has many different appearances and voices due to being portrayed by different actors. Captain Scott | General Li | Denise | Grunther | Both are synthesizers with the additional ability to play back Samples. The Inca people began as a tribe in the Cuzco area around the 12th century AD. And Blofeld’s got him. Uses a black octopus as SPECTRE's logo, symbolizing its omnipresence and behind-the-scenes reach to tilt geopolitical events to its side as if it were a pinball machine. Pan Ho | This Blofeld wasn't bald, but did have the facial scarring of the original, and while he wasn't constantly accompanied by a white cat, Spectre was kind enough to feature the feline as an Easter egg. Moishe Soref | c.72[1] Jacques Bouvar | Jed Midnight | Blofeld knocked Bond out, and Wint and Kidd placed him in a pipeline to die. Despite its secrecy, the activities of SPECTRE had not gone unnoticed by the head of the Secret Intelligence Service. The character is set to reappear in the 2020 film, No Time to Die as one of the main antagonists. Hector Gonzales | His intelligence made him an unbelievable strategist and enabled him to outwit practically any opponent. Janus Syndicate | Spectre is a tool for creating and transferring Sample Content for Waldorf Blofeld with License SL and Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard. Wavekrest Marine Research | Blast injuries; scar across the right side of the face and blinded right eye A man can watch himself being disemboweled and derive great horror from the experience, but it's still going on at a distance. It was originally intended that Blofeld end up killed by Bond during their final confrontation at the bridge, Blofeld is the second Bond villain to be called Franz. Blofeld : Torture is easy, on a superficial level. After failing to kill him outright with thallium, Blofeld dispatched assassins to finish the job. Helga Brandt | Makiko "Kiko" Hayashi | Georgi Koskov | Patrice | This marks the first time that the origin of Blofeld's trademark facial scar is revealed. Pussy Galore | He is the overarching antagonist in From Russia with Love and Thunderball, before appearing as the main antagonist in You Live Only Twice, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and Diamonds Are Forever. He had opened a research clinic known as 'Piz Gloria', which dealt with all menagerie of allergies and illnesses, his business partner, the cold Irma Bunt standing by his side. Under the leadership of Manco Capac, they formed the small city-state of Cuzco (Quechua Qosqo), shown in red on the map. Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Supporting Villains Although Blofeld escaped, Bond managed to destroy the rocket remotely before it could capture more astronauts. He is seen in SPECTRE's Paris's lair, where he watches as Number Two, Emilio Largo, unveils his personal plan. Lieutenant Orso | If you have none of the above, you are still welcome to explore Spectre and fantasize what it would be like to own one of the above instruments. Blofeld then again called Kronsteen and Klebb before him, where the two respectively blamed the other one for the failure of the operation. Initially believing to be safe from the attackers, Blofeld soon realises that he needs to escape. 166 pounds Blofeld then orders Klebb to personally kill Bond, though this too end up in failure as Klebb ends up being killed by Tatiana. Dominic Greene | Bond and the recently disfigured Blofeld confronting each other, as seen in, Blofeld's iconic white Persian cat in the torture room, as seen in, A wounded Blofeld encourages Bond to "finish it", as seen in, Blofeld incarcerated in HM Prison, Wakefield. Tang Lin Zao | He had developed a plan to play the Soviet Union off against the west via the theft of the new Lektor decoding device, which was being kept at the Russian embassy in Constantinople. Bond returns to London to prevent "Nine Eyes", with Blofeld following him to exact his revenge. Last seen Greeted with a formal reception, Blofeld takes them on a tour of his data-collection facility. He was unbelievably resourceful, and could access vast amounts of weaponry, technology, organizations and illegal activities - in other words, he was able to create and control SPECTRE. You cannot make said Removal Proposal without permission from an admin first. By 2012-15, Blofeld had become increasingly utilitarian and ruthless. Rafael Drake | Morzeny | He is the overarching antagonist in From Russia with Love and Thunderball, before … Carlos Nikolic | Incarcerated; HM Prison Wakefield, United Kingdom[1] Eye color Gobinda | Mr. Kil | Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum. Yesterday morning, the American Air Force launched 2 cruise missiles from Swadley Air Base in Great Britain. Colonel Feyador | Timblin | He used this base to launch a rocket ship which had the ability to capture space capsules. But Bond refuses, ejecting his magazine, clearing the chamber, and stating that he is out of bullets. Vesper Lynd | The plan was to be carried out, and the duo were shadowed by Red Grant, a SPECTRE assassin also selected by Klebb. Ernst Stavro Blofeld is not the only villain that Bond takes on throughout his adventures, but he is widely considered to be Bond’s greatest enemy. James Bond Memes Blofeld S Cat In The And Beyond Blofeld S Cat A Persian Hair color Raoul Silva | From Russia with love (1963) - SPECTRE briefingTov Kronsteen Rosa Klebb Number 1 Ernst Stavro BlofeldSPECTRE Briefing Magda | However, he quickly steps back into the railway cart which drives off, separating Bond from Blofeld. Blofeld's intention was to capture both United States and Soviet capsules, getting the superpowers to blame each other. Leroy | Even when finally held at gunpoint by James, he over-confidently goaded him to pull the trigger, though James decided to spare him, knowing that he was not worth it. He is an evil and knowledgeable criminal mastermind and the archenemy of James Bond. In addition, the film explicitly links Blofeld with the activities of Bond's antagonists since 2006's Casino Royale, including Le Chiffre, Dominic Greene, and Raoul Silva. Blofeld is an unpredictable, dangerous and utterly ruthless megalomaniac of the most diabolical kind. He learned that all of his patients were beautiful women, and fraternizing with a few, Bond discovered they were receiving psychedelic hypnosis as a cure, brainwashing them into believing they were better, besides more obvious physical remedies. Emilio Largo | Occupation Bond then proceeds to drop the bald man down an industrial chimney, killing him. 1971 Affiliation As predicted, Blofeld attends his funeral in Rome and, realizing that she is a liability, arranges a failed attempt on the life of Sciarra's widow. Blofeld made one more appearance, in the non-canon film "Never Say Never Again" (1983). Bond managed to infiltrate the volcano lair and tried to get on board the rocket, but a minute error caught Blofeld's attention, and he ordered Bond to be brought to him, instead sending a spare pilot into space. Blofeld makes his next appearance as the main antagonist of You Only Live Twice. Emile Locque | Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the cat is back! Mr. Bullion | First seen With Blofeld having seemingly perished in the base's destruction, SPECTRE was finally dismantled for good. Origin Also assumed killed, Franz subsequently fled and adopted his mother's maiden name: styling himself, "Ernst Stavro Blofeld". Kisch | Red Grant | Guy Haines | Blofeld attempted to escape in a submarine, but Bond took control of it and set it to repeatedly crash into the control room, destroying the base and satellite control. Miranda Frost | Height This was supposed to touch off a nuclear war, and in the ensuing chaos, both the U.S. and Soviet Union would fall, leaving SPECTRE to take control of the world. During the opening credits of For Your Eyes Only, a bald man with a white cat is seen wheelchair-bound, wanting revenge against Bond for destroying and shutting down all his major operations and dismantling SPECTRE, determining to finish him off by himself this time. His henchmen, Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, systematically killed diamond smugglers and stole their diamonds for Blofeld. Dr. Vogel | Blofeld appears in three James Bond novels, Thunderball, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and You Only Live Twice. SPECTRE would then threaten to detonate warheads over a major US city if they weren't paid millions of dollars. Chang | Solitaire | High intelligenceMastery of tacticsLeadershipStrategiesBusiness skillsImmense financial resourcesComplete control over SPECTREMastery at psychological warfareAnonymity The plan required an embassy worker to contact one of the western powers with a plan to steal the device. He was portrayed by the late Anthony Dawson (who also played R.J. Dent in Dr. No, but voiced by the late Eric Pohlmann in From Russia with Love and Thunderball, the late Donald Pleasence in You Only Live Twice, the late Telly Savalas in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the late Charles Gray in Diamonds are Forever, the late John Hollis, but voiced by the late Robert Rietti in the pre-title sequence of For Your Eyes Only, the late Max van Sydow in Never Say Never Again, and Christoph Waltz in the 007 Reboot Spectre and No Time To Die. Believing them to be dead, Blofeld departs by helicopter - unaware that they are pursuing him along the River Thames in a boat. [5] Conspiring with the Director-General of the Joint Security Service, Max Denbigh, SPECTRE orchestrated a series of global terrorist bombings in order to generate interest in Denbigh's proposed global surveillance initiative, "Nine Eyes". Max von Sydow as Blofeld in Never Say Never Again. He also appears in 7 James Bond movies, including From Russia With Love, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty’s Secret Servi… 1967 Rosie Carver | 007 frees himself and confronts Blofeld inside. The cat originally belonged to another guy named Schroedinger. The scar he receives midway through the film is a call-back to. Blofeld shows his cruelty and kills her for her failure by sending her into his piranha tank where she is brutally devoured alive. The mystery for us as Spectre’s audience is the ultimate identity of Blofeld. Blofeld also possesses little self-preservation, despite his nefarious manner. The land Pachacuti conquered was about the size of the Thirteen Colonies of the United Statesin 1776, and consisted … Receiving plastic surgery as he had in the past to disguise his identity, he sought to have his noble heritage confirmed, so that he would become recognized as a Baron. Luiz Medrano | Scarpine | Imposter 00 | Austrian The film features a different antagonist in the main plot, and the bald man is not credited or identified by name due to the legal disputes over the Thunderball film. Henry Gupta | Boris Grishenko | Jenny Flex | The first being. Vargas | Dr. Bechmann | A skirmish ensues, and during the commotion, Blofeld swiftly departs for his Saharan headquarters. Ernst Stavro Blofeld | Spectre's founder and ruthless leader, referred to by his rank as "Number 1,” is Ernst Stavro Blofeld. He escaped and posed as his henchman, Bert Saxby, and called Blofeld, finding out the real Whyte's location, but Blofeld kidnapped diamond smuggler Tiffany Case, who switched sides when she found out Blofeld was trying to kill her (and who Bond fell in love with). SPECTRE (Quantum & Greene Planet) | Irma Bunt | Apparently at his wits' end over the failed plots and deaths of Dr. No, Klebb, and Largo, Blofeld decided to operate his next plot personally. Craig Mitchell | Founder and leader of SPECTRE During a brief moment of Blofeld trying to escape the compound, the cat he's holding is … Nikolai Diavolo | While the finished film is silent on much of Blofeld's background and the origins of, A character called Franz discovered the frozen corpse of, In an interview with British GQ in April 2015, Christoph Waltz stated that his character was "definitely not". Ernst Stavro Blofeld is the founder and head of the global terrorist organization SPECTRE with aspirations of world domination. All Blofeld's interpretations through years. Vesper Lynd | It is assumed that this bald man is Blofeld, having become wheelchair-bound following the injuries he sustained in Diamonds Are Forever and still possessing his white cat. Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. Blofeld s cat in from russia with love blofeld s cat from james bond russia with love thunderball spectre cat makes its first appearance in from russia with love 1963 blofeld and cat. Taking Bond with him, Blofeld arrives at the railway station he plans to escape with. Auric Goldfinger | Count Lippe | Steven Obanno | Nigel Bloch | Blofeld is an unpredictable, dangerous and an utterly ruthless megalomaniac of the most diabolical kind. Ernst Stavro Blofeld is the main antagonist of the James Bond franchise. Alias(es) Bambi and Thumper | Apostis | Baron Samedi | Octopussy | There he meets with Rosa Klebb, SPECTRE agent number three, and as well as Number Five, the chess master Tov Kronsteen. Bond kicked Blofeld's white cat which one of the Blofelds caught, and Bond, thinking him to be the real Blofeld, shot him. Zorin Industries | Introducing the Blofeld of cultural legend – white cat, big scar, short, bald – would be utterly unworkable. SPECTRE Blofeld opens a secret door, but shoots Osato, claiming that this is how SPECTRE rewards failure. Adolph Gettler | As in the films, he kills Tracy, but Bond actually manages to avenge his wife by actually killing Blofeld by strangling him. Mischka and Grischka | Any act of removing this villain from the category without a Removal Proposal shall be considered vandalism (or a futile "heroic" attempt of redemption) and the user will have high chances of being terminated blocked. May Day | Dambala | Mr. Lippe | Whisper | Abrika | Dryden |
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