Although Hela became briefly interested in the Tesseract, she still focused her attention on the Eternal Flame which she declared was the greatest of them all. Loki Vol 1 No. The ruler of Hel and Niflheim, the character has been a frequent foe of Thor. [6] Hela slew Thor, who was restored to life by the sacrifice of her servant, the Silent One. Hela then kisses Thanos in a passionate embrace.[50]. Real Name Hela reveled in her rule, and always sought Asgardian souls to take to her realm, especially the souls of Odin and Thor. Surtur's blade continued down into the core of Asgard, causing the realm to be destroyed in the massive explosion, incinerating any possible remains of Hela into oblivion.[1]. Hela is also willing to use her illusions to kill living Asgardians. In a state of surprise and panic, Loki ordered Volstagg to take him and Thor back to Asgard where he believed they would be safe from Hela's homicidal rage, which Thor desperately attempted to stop from happening, but was too late. The first known instance of Asgard's maintenance of intergalactic peace was during First Dark Elf Conflict, when Bor fought to prevent the Dark Elves led by Malekith from purging the known Universe into its previous state of darkness, using the Aether when the Convergenceof the Nine Realms occurred. Assuming the two princes of Asgard had died, Hela continued towards Himinbjorg immediately after.[1]. She can even draw power from Asgard to enhance her natural abilities. Indeed, Hela rebelled against Odin and hence, he banished her from Asgard, and later imprisoned her personally when she revolted against him. Asgard war ein kleiner, planetarischer Körper, der den Asen als Heimat diente, einer Rasse von Wesen, die auf der Erde von Menschen als die Götter ihrer nordischen Mythologie anerkannt werden, wie Thor und ihr Herrscher Odin. Hela resurrects her army of the Berserkers, Leaping all the way down inside of their secret tomb, Hela explored the legions of dead Asgardian soldiers buried there and discovered the corpse of Fenris, much to Hela's horror and sadness. Marvel Comics. In der Vergangenheit diente sie als rechte Hand ihres Vaters und führte die Legionen Asgards als Göttin des Todes in den Kampf. She then proceeded to chase Thor, subduing him and knocking him out of Bifrost as well. After learning of Surtur's plan to enact Ragnarok, he battled and defeated Surtur, bringing his skull to Asgard. Hela was defeated when the uru sword was destroyed. My father is dead. [18] She then appeared in Asgard to claim Odin's soul, but was driven off by Thor. [32], She is seen attending a meeting with Mephisto, Blackheart, Satannish and Dormammu about a disturbance created by the newly resurrected Magik, who is looking for the soulsword and the original Bloodstone amulet. During their conquests, Odin rode his steed Sleipnir while Hela was gifted with her giant wolf named Fenris and used both Mjølnir and her own Necroswords as her main choices of weaponry. Portrayed by Among the few beings powerful enough to surpass Hela's tremendous power are Odin and Surtur at full power. [14], Hela then summoned the Valkyrie to aid in a war against Ollerus, while Hela encountered the other Defenders. As Thor and Hela quoted Odin's message that the wise king should never seek out war, but must always be ready for it, they charged at each other and engaged in a fierce battle for Asgard. Hela proves herself to be the superior warrior. Asgard Boss Fight: Hela. Hela being struck down by Thor's lightning. [31] She now lives in Las Vegas, maintaining a lair where she can feed on the souls of random unlucky people, and agrees to use her powers to aid Loki in bringing him back in time to Asgard to complete his own sinister plans for Asgard. While Thor furiously slashed at Hela with his twin swords which were now both charged up with his lightning, these attacks had almost no impact as Hela simply backed away before launching Thor over her shoulder. Hela was allegedly daughter of the Asgardian god of mischief, Loki and of the sorceress giantess Angerboda. [37], The Disir, still hungry, attack Hela's new Hel as it was not the true Hel they were banished from. Hela arrived soon after as she expressed her surprise that Thor had survived falling out of the Bifrost Bridge during their last encounter. During their conquests, Odin rode his steed Sleipnir while Hela was gifted with her giant wolf named Fenris and used both Mjølnir and her own Necroswords as her main choices of weaponry. He agrees, and the souls of both Valkyrie and the also-deceased Captain America are released. [26] Thor eventually forces Hela to lift the curse by using the Destroyer as his host body to invade Hel, forcing Hela to restore his body to life and health before he could destroy her. [1], Hela discovers Thor waiting to challenge her. [44] Hela, along with Pluto, Satannish, and many other rulers of Earth's various netherworlds, are shown to be slaves of the Chaos King after he obliterates the realms of Hell itself. Thor then unleashed a massive lighting blast, destroying a balcony of the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf and temporarily stunning Hela. [17], Hela later allied with Malekith, and took souls of Earth mortals to Hel using special food of the faerie. It was during one of these sleeps that Hela made a plan for power. [61], Hela appears in the Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers motion comic, voiced by Katharine Chesterton. [volume & issue needed], Hela was awakened from her mortal guise after Ragnarök by Thor, albeit due to Loki's machinations. When all the people of Asgard refused to bow to her, Hela set about massacring Odin's armies and enslaving their people, while recruiting Skurge to be her own Executioner in the process. Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Movie Hela warns her that the price of the boon is a heavy one, but Dani accepts, requesting "a new ride home and a big ol' sword. Upon returning to Thanos, Hela reveals her true identity and easily defeats both Black Swan and Proxima Midnight to demonstrate her power. Appearances [57] After she discovers that Thor had murdered their son, Modi, Hela displayed an immense fit of rage; Thor explained to her that Modi had been corrupted by the World Tree and that he had been left with no other option. Asgard war etwa so groß wie ein kleiner Staat. The Asgardian goddess of death is based on the Norse goddess Hel. Hela sent the Valkyries against the dwarves and New Mutants in Asgard. She once sent her armies of undead beings and spirits to conquer Asgard, during which the former Asgardian villain Skurge the Executioner, sacrificed himself to stop the enemy's progress at the Bifrost Bri… Without the cloak, Hela reverts to her true form: in this form half of her body is healthy and beautiful, while the other half is decaying. Hela then watched in horror as Surtur emerged from the Palace, having been given his Crown by Loki and regained full strength. This version of the mythological Hela was created byStan Leeand Jack Kirby. After an undetermined time fighting Hela's skeletal forces, Agamemnon pleaded, based on a vaguely hinted upon relationship, to allow the two to leave. [12] She then plotted with Loki to bring about Ragnarök by slaying the god Balder then attacking Asgard. WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok, opening Friday in North America. Hela nonchalantly executing the Executioner, Just as the Berserkers had reached the Statesman and cut down the guards, Hela was betrayed by the Executioner who refused to allow all his people to be slaughtered. Late 2017 However, she quickly abdicates her position and installs Balder as the ruler of Hel, while a bound Hela is taken prisoner. Hela manages to cut out one of Thor's eyes. Using Des and Troy, the Executioner began gunning down the Berserkers, destroying the necrosword and allowing the Statesman to escape from Asgard. Hela forced the dwarf Eitri to forge a sword of Asgardian metal "uru". [39], In the aftermath of the Siege of Asgard, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor are mysteriously drawn into one of the other Nine Realms, eventually revealed to be the Hel-realm of Hela. [1], Hela and Fenris threaten all of the Asgardians. [20] Hel was then invaded by Thor, Balder, the Executioner, and the Einherjar to rescue the captive mortal souls. Sensing the Disir's assault on the dead Asgardians, Hela attempts to protect them using the sword Eir-Gram, but she is disarmed and her arm sliced off brutally. [49] Accompanied by Proxima Midnight and Black Swan, Hela travels to the Collector's fortress, where the hammer is being held. [13] Later Balder was restored after the Asgardian's death and resurrection battling the Celestials. There, the trio battle Thor and Beta Ray Bill, and fail in retrieving the hammer. She was far too arrogant to join forces with (in her eyes) a fellow conqueror, who poses a threat to her and Asgard. Declaring him to be a smart boy who also likely had good survival instincts, the goddess offered him a job before crossing the Rainbow Bridge that led to Asgard, smiling as she considered the power that would soon be coming her way, with Skurge following her. With her power considerably stronger than Thor's, Hela managed to grab her brother by the throat and pinned him against a gold pillar, claiming that the difference between them was that she was Odin's firstborn and the rightful heir to the throne and the true savior of Asgard, all while Thor was nothing. Allerdings erkannte Odin, dass Hela ein sadistisches und monströses Wesen war und nicht eher Halt machen würde, bevor Asgard das ganze Universum unterworfen hatte. However, while both Hela and Skurge had just been searching for all the Asgardians who had escaped them, Thor and the Revengers had returned to Asgard in order to evacuate its people and fight Hela. Asgardian Physiology/Supernatural Empowerment: As the eldest child of Odin, Hela had tremendous superhuman abilities and supernatural powers, which are far superior to those of almost other Asgardian, even Thor, with her still being more powerful than Thor even after he acquired his full powers. Hela sent Mirage to kill the sleeping Odin. Having eventually recovering from Thor's incredibly powerful blast of lightning, Hela arrived onto the Rainbow Bridge, where she had then discovered that her army of Berserkers had been overpowered, due to the arrival of both Loki and the Sakaaran Rebellion. Hela then commented that her victory was so obvious even a blind man could see it before slashing at Thor's face, resulting in the loss of one of Thor's eyes. Hela can manifest various physical structures out of thin air, ranging from weapons to ground structures to even her own armor. Having smashed Hogun through a wall, Hela managed to overpower every soldier attacking her until the ground was littered with corpses. Hela was adapted from Norse myths by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and first appeared in Journey into Mystery #102 (March 1964).[1]. Als Odinin Norwegen in den Armen seiner Söhne stirbt, offenbart sich Hela, seine erstgeborene Tochter und ursprüngliche Thronerbin Asgards, die Odin vor Jahrhunderten verbannt hat, da sie nach den zahlreichen Kriegen und Schlachten, die sie zusammen mit ihrem Vater geschlagen hat, besessen vom … Hela Odinsdottir was the Asgardian goddess of death and former executioner of Asgard. She served her father as an executioner and leader of the Einherjar in Odin's plot to conquer the Nine Realms. [47], Following the death of her lover, Sera, Angela petitions Hela to free her soul. Hela always wears her magical cloak which enhances her strength and keeps her young and healthy. To Hela's surprise, Thor acknowledged that he would not be able to defeat her, pointing back to their Royal Palace of Valaskjalf and claimed that he knew who could. Hela now patiently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, and even assisted her father, Loki, in enabling him to complete a task that caused Thor to be banished from Asgard. [1], Hela escapes Hel after an entire millennia. Female She is the child of Loki (albeit a different incarnation[2] who died during a previous Asgardian Ragnarok) and the giantess Angrboða. The goddess has jet black hair and bright green eyes. It is revealed that Hela was one of the Asgardians that helped him to the throne, but is now demanding payment for her assistance, along with the seductress Lorelei. Hela was successful in overpowering the Valkyrie and, with the exception of their leader Brunhilde, killing them all, however, she was overpowered when Odin intervened and re-imprisoned, remaining sealed for thousands of years, awaiting the death of her own father. [22], During this fight with Thor, in revenge for his defiance and invasion of her realm, Hela cursed Thor with a dark form of eternal life, making him incapable of dying while also making his bones weak and brittle so that they would break more easily and wouldn't heal from the damage inflicted, Hela reflecting in satisfaction at the image of Thor coming to long for death while she refuses to grant it. [21] Hela raised an army of the dead to stop Thor's escape from Hel. Hella and her two siblings the wolf Fenrir and Jormungandr (the Midgard Serpent) were decreed by the Asgardian Goddesses of Fate to be a great danger in the past so Odin, the King of Asgard cast her out to the realm of Hel. [43], During the Chaos War storyline, Hela breaks into Pluto's throne room in the Underworld to warn him of Amatsu-Mikaboshi's army of thousands of alien deities decimating the death realms, joining forces with him in a desperate and a seemingly futile attempt to repel the massive assault on their domains. However, when Odin transitioned into a peace-time King, he realized that Hela could not, for her ambitions had grown out of his control, and her formidable powers made her a threat to his new society. [48], A greatly weakened Hela later escapes captivity and makes her way to the Triskelion on Earth, where Thanos has been imprisoned after a recent battle with the Ultimates. Hela manages to block all Valkyrie's strikes. Hela is obliterated by Surtur's Twilight Sword, Unable to stop Surtur's rampage, Hela was then defenseless as she witnessed Surtur lift up his Twilight Sword high above his head and prepared to fulfill his destiny once and for all. Helais a supervillain from Marvel Comics. Hela is furiously attacked by the powerful Thor. Hela is quickly overwhelmed and her own remaining power insufficient to counter theirs. Thor, being incapable of killing Hela, is released instead by Valkyrie who is killed in battle with the Defenders, who now have superpowers due to Loki's intervention. She once appeared to Thor while he was on the verge of death after battling the Wrecker, who knocked a building onto him while he was depowered. Asgardian Hela is hit by Thor's massive lightning bolt, But even with of those reinforcements, Hela's army was still slowly overwhelming them as she continued taunting Thor by claiming to be the goddess of death and asking what he had been the god of. As Hela took her time walking back to the Bridge, she was challenged by Thor and Valkyrie who were discussing how they could possibly hope to defeat Hela, who was clearly more powerful than any of them. Hela's touch is death, even to 'immortal' characters like The Collector- so don't go for hand-to-hand.
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