They work with Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings, Building Information Modeling, construction contract specifications, and cost estimates. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. What They Do: They perform targeting intelligence missions, including analyzing targets. Sa mission actuelle est la défense des États-Unis par le contrôle de l'air, de l'espace et du cyberespace. Finden Sie Jobs bei US Air Force. Mit der Ausgliederung der im United States Army Air Corps organisierten Luftstreitkräfte aus dem Heer der Vereinigten Staaten im Jahre 1947 in die neue Teilstreitkraft namens United States Air Force entstand endgültig Bedarf nach qualifizierten Offizieren. What They Do: They develop and monitor processes, technologies, and practices to identify, capture, organize, and employ information. Unmarried enlisted members can apply to attend the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. Das United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations soll teilweise in der Akademie Spitzel dazu genötigt haben, ihre Kommilitonen mittels sog. What They Do: They perform airborne missions using remotely piloted aircraft. Within community health management, they perform tasks such as communicable disease control and prevention, food safety and defense, facility sanitation, and public health contingency response. Careers is the United States Air Force. U.S. Air Force Search. This includes preparing, planning, training, educating, and equipping personnel and installation leaders. Your email address will not be published. They operate the aircraft as well as mission equipment. What They Do: They maintain special mission aircraft, including all support equipment, forms, and records. Ähnlich den Akademien der anderen Teilstreitkräfte ist die Ausbildung in den Vereinigten Staaten hochangesehen. What They Do: They protect people, property, and the environment from fire and disasters. They plan and direct ground transportation, to include light and heavy-duty vehicles such as buses, trucks with semi-trailers, forklifts, and wrecker/recovery vehicles. What They Do: They design and analyze systems, including programming, operation and maintenance, resource management, and security. They maintain financial records for pay, travel transactions, and accounting records. These scores are a combination of subtests on the ASVAB, and are calculated as follows: A = Numerical Operations (NO) + Coding Speed (CS) + Verbal Expression (WK + PC), G = Verbal Expression (WK + PC) + Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), E = Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) + Mathematics Knowledge (MK) + Electronics Information (EI) + General Science (GS), M =  Mechanical Comprehension (MC) + General Science (GS) + 2X Auto & Shop Information (AS). Related Article – ASVAB Scores for Coast Guard jobs. United States Air Force Academy Search. What They Do: They operate equipment to produce diagnostic images, such as x-rays and ultrasound, and assist radiologists/physicians with special procedures. Official United States Air Force Website. Finden Sie Jobs bei US Air Force. What They Do: They repair, calibrate, and modify all test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment, including precision measurement equipment laboratory standards and automatic test equipment. Daraufhin bereiste Harold E. Talbott, damaliger Secretary of the Air Force, 45 Bundesstaaten und wählte nach einer Besichtigung von etwa 580 Orten ihren heutigen Standort aus, wobei sich der US-Bundesstaat Colorado mit 1 Mio. What They Do: They administer patient care activities as part of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and orthotic services, including implementing treatment plans.